Fintech needs to find a new way to integrate with the real economy

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New merchants cannot make money When Taobao was just emerging. Tallying on the traffic dividends generated by the platform itself it also achieved. A lot of wealth myths. But today’s Taobao has discouraged many small and medium businesses. Li Chan is a Taobao merchant. He told us that in the past two years Taobao has become stricter in reviewing. Transactions and reviews that previously relied on fake orders. For example use a third-party courier company. To verify whether the actual delivery weight of the product matches the corresponding weight of the product. If an abnormality is  in the order the order and comment data. Will be cleaned at the least and the link will be. Directly downgraded and fined at the worst.

Based on this rule adjustment, the initial operation of Taobao’s new store has become costly and difficult to multiply. For the product links under the new store, it is necessary to ensure real user reviews in order to promote cell phone number list subsequent user transactions, and Taobao and Taotie previously required that commodity transaction orders must reach a certain level in order to open live caaid promotion. Therefore, the current common practice in the industry is to buy at 0 price, 1 yuan or find to bring the goods. But these two methods, for merchants, are basically operating at a loss. Taking Shaanxi kiwi fruit as an example, the current cost of 3 catties of small kiwi fruit, including goods, express delivery, labor, and cartons, is about 11 yuan.

If 10,000 orders are purchased at 1 yuan, it basically means that the merchant must prepare for a loss of 100,000 yuan in the early stage. With the help of to bring goods, the current commission required by in the industry is generally between 25% and 35%. However, in order to increase orders, many customers will require merchants to continuously reduce the price . of goods. After deducting the commission and after-sales for the loss is almost between 70,000 and 80,000 yuan. After the preliminary basic comments are completed, the subsequent paid promotion depends on the category of the.


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