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As a result we see the numbers. users who searched for information by keywords saw your message in the feed for example times. And they clicked on the ad and went to your page times. This means that the CTR of your advertising campaign ~. Not a bad result by the way with competition and a wide choice. This indicator can be calculated in any case where there is a click impression ratio banners hyperlinks in the text. CV conversion into useful actions . Similar to CTR but wider because here the number of visitors who performed some useful action is divided by the total number of site visitors.
Useful actions in this case are for example buying ordering goods ordering a call back subscribing to a newsletter registering and so on. Unlike traditional media on the Internet we see the response of the audience to our hidden calls to action. CPC from the English cost per click the cost of a click. how much did one click cost that brought Consumer Email List one visitor to the site. The price may vary depending on the level of competition the time of year for example in winter bricks for construction are searched less often than in late spring time of day etc. It is considered easy. the cost of advertising the number of clicks. This indicator is displayed in your personal account when you launched contextual advertising in search engines. The most important performance indicator in financial terms is the ROI return on investment indicator the return on investment ratio. He considers how much money each ruble spent on advertising brought you in the end.

ROI profit investment amount When ordering digital advertising using the Cheapmedia service you will receive a full report on the advertising campaign carried out and together with the service specialists you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness and if desired adjust the online advertising strategy. We wish you financial wellbeing and grateful customers.Increasingly businesses are shifting advertising budgets for promotion on the Internet. Entrepreneurs are attracted by the opportunity to set up a more accurate hit on the target audience detailed control over the course of the advertising campaign correction of the promotion program in the process depending on the mood of the audience.


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