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The popularity of Telegram in Ukraine and what Telegram Premium is. Telegram continues to gain popularity among Ukrainians, becoming their new daily habit. If previously the average user spent minutes a day on Pavlo Durov's messenger, this figure has increased to minutes a day since February, according to data from a new study by Kantar CMeter. According to the results of the previous April ranking of mobile applications, Telegram has grown in audience by + , increasing its reach among smartphone users in Ukraine. During this period of time, the time of using the messenger increased times.
The Telegram application was most actively used in the period from February to March . During the most acute phase of the military invasion, Ukrainians devoted up to hour of their time to Telegram every day. At the end of April, the indicator decreased to minutes a day. The chief methodologist of Kantar Ukraine, Anton Switzerland WhatsApp Number List Pigida, explains the phenomenon of the popularity of the application by three factors This is one of the most convenient ways to receive news about the current situation many news Telegram channels have appeared, as well as the government's own Telegram channels, which were implemented to inform the population.

In the first days of the invasion, the vast majority of Ukrainians used the messenger for its main purpose maintaining communication and contacts with all their relatives, friends and colleagues. AND Telegram served as one of the first applications to maintain contact with those who were forced to flee abroad. According to Kantar's chief methodologist, this case vividly shows an example of the important role modern technologies play in supporting the integration of society. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the Telegram messenger worked with huge interruptions and noticeable "brakes" - then the developers explained this as "unprecedented load" on the European server cluster.


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