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What is work incapacity?
The incapacity for work appears at the moment in which the worker cannot perform the functions entrusted to him in his position . There are two possible types of disability depending on the degree and scope of it:

Temporary Disability (IT): when the disability is temporary, the worker is disabled only for a certain time, being able to return normally to his job after the recovery period.
Permanent Disability (IP) : when after completing the treatment and Australia WhatsApp Number List
having received a medical discharge, the worker maintains serious functional or anatomical reductions that reduce or make impossible their work capacity.
Let's look at each one carefully.

Temporary Disability (IT)

As a self-employed person, you can access a contributory benefit derived from temporary disability (IT) designed, precisely, to cover the loss of income during the period in which you are on sick leave.

A disease that can be common, that is, not caused by an occupational accident or illness, or derived from an occupational accident or illness.

Normally, as a self-employed person you have coverage for both common contingencies (which cover you in case of common illness or accident) and professional contingencies (which cover you in case of professional illness or accident) since, since January 1, 2019 , except for exceptions (self-employed agricultural workers, for example) you are obliged to include them in your monthly fee.


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