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To new ones or old blog posts that are no longer relevant to your business If you re not sure make the decision on a case by case basis Too many errors will negatively impact SEO performance Fact or Fiction Fiction The fact that some URLs on your site no longer exist does not affect how your site s other URLs perform in our search results If some URLs on your site this fact alone does not hurt you or count against you in Google s search.

Results Susan Moskwa Google Webmaster Blog But also Maybe Cryptic I know pages alone will not negatively impact your SEO but they may be an indication of a deeper technical problem that mi phone number list ght For example a critical WordPress plugin may have automatically updated or your hosting provider either start with Shapeshift s pre designed template or you can start from scratch with a blank page I started with Shapeshift s and spent just minutes adding navigation options Here s the result Editing the page was easy Thrive Theme Builder comes with a visual page editor that allows.

You to simply drag and drop design elements I added a column element and into each I dropped a text element button and search element Already my page beats many of looking a little serious Let s match my brand colors and switch out the image for something a little more fluffy In a little over minutes I ve created a professional page that helps lost visitors discover new content and stay on my website I used Thrive Theme Builder s global theme colors to guarantee branding consistency across my whole website You can see the placeholder Call To Action button in the main.


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