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You can pay to obtain a preferential space within a publication, for an advertising banner of your company and even to send a specific newsletter to the database that the publication has. At Guk we can advise you with the strategy that suits the interests of your company. If you are interested, contact us . Talks and congresses on digital marketing are beginning to repeat like a mantra a thesis that is very easy to state but not so easy to digest: positioning our company and our products or services in search engines is more important than ever, but at the same time the SEO has evolved into such a complex reality that the simple keys of the past no longer work.

What do we do? In this blog we have recently talked about pillaging pages and topic clusters as new keys when it comes to turning our SEO strategy around to obtain Latest Mailing Database optimal positioning in Google. But in this post we want to go one step further and take a more practical approach to give you+tips to position your blog in the new SEO era . We could say that until now, the dictatorship of keywords established that each keyword that we determined to be relevant gave rise to one or more content specifically aimed at positioning it. But this is no longer the right language for Google to understand us. So here we give you some clues so that the king of search engines knows what you are talking about.

Define your subject areas well If you post to your company blog on a regular basis, having to search for ideas every so often to meet your editorial calendar can be a headache. And worse still, it can motivate you to disperse your efforts on issues that are not really critical. For this reason, it is essential that before taking any step you lay the foundations well, defining very well what thematic areas you are going to deal with in your blog . They are the territories that your brand wants to conquer and the environment in which the questions of your potential clients move. Around these thematic areas is where you will build each of the posts that will address the issue from different perspectives, providing answers to users' questions and building a coherent position around your area of ​​strategic interest.


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