The Secret to Dominating the Stock Market

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Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select the Post Statistics section Post record statistics in the Vkontakte group Marketing and sales on the Internet Web Center Vkontakte post statistics. number of likes reposts comments. Number of clicks to the site from the group Traffic from the group can be transferred to the site. You leave links in posts to your content. The user in order to fully read the information will need to go to the site. This is beneficial for example for online stores that lead their customers to the site. And their group in social networks is more informational than selling.

The growth of post coverage engagement and transitions to the site from the group in the social network can be seen for each post. It is also necessary to look at the recording statistics Vkontakte record statistics. clicks on the link Now you know how to view the statistics of your VK group. Based on the purpose for which you are running a public Whatsapp Mobile Number List select indicators that are important to you and improve them. picture Read also KPI in social networks. understanding the indicators in the reports of SMM agencies Do you want to promote your Vkontakte group so that it brings customers. Leave a request and our specialists will develop a plan for promoting and developing the VK community. The semantic core is the basis for website promotion on the Web.

Without it it will not be possible to bring the site to the top for a long time. We will tell you what it is made of where to look for what and what tools to use for this. What is a semantic core To simplify understanding lets proceed from the fact that the semantic core SN is all those words phrases and their variations that fully describe the content of your site. The more accurate and better the core is assembled the easier it is to promote the site. Roughly speaking this is one big long list of words and phrases keys that users use to search for similar products and services. There are no general recommendations on the size of the kernel but there is one rule. the larger and better the better. The main thing is not to artificially inflate the size to make the kernel bigger.


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