This visit coincided with the rebranding of our digital agency

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The objective of the meeting was the strategic analysis and development of our clients' accounts. the launch of our new, renewed website and the most recent addition of additional executives to our team ! Google, at its Performance Summit , which took place a few weeks ago, announced a number of upcoming changes to its tools. The crucial importance of mobile marketing was also the driving force behind most of the changes announced at Google's Performance Summit. We can safely say that Google products, such as Google AdWords , will soon serve even better the modern business, small or large, whose potential customer now decides primarily from hismobile phone.

A digital agency based in Search Engine Marketing The fact is that we are a digital agency whose origins are in deep knowledge of the Google search engine, offering SEO mobile number list and SEM services in the most competitive markets in Greece and abroad category at the recent e-volution awards simply confirmed the high expertise of our team. With the further development of our company, the close relationship and continuous support from Google, both at the level of know-how and at the level of processes, is particularly important and undoubtedly one of the top privileges of the Google Partner program! We look forward to the results of this new phase of our collaboration with the Google team.

Fresh website for ISOMAT: Renewed design ISOMAT is one of the leading Greek export companies, with active activity in more than countries abroad. It is a company that offers high-quality building materials, which separates it from its competitors in its field. iTrust Digital's collaboration with ISOMAT covers the entire range of Digital Marketing services. It started from SEO but has been based on ᵒ support for years. From the stage of eBusiness Consulting, to SEO , Google AdWords and Analytics , Content Marketing co. In the part of the new website, iTrust undertook the information architecture, UX Design and Web Development. At the management level of the specific project, we were called to facilitate project management between all interested parties.


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