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Utilization of outsourcer knowledge for problem solving Frameworks are effective but just using them does not mean that you will be able to successfully organize issues and carry out improvement activities. This is because in the case of in house production it is easy to get caught up in the obsession and entanglement of existing operations and it is often seen that the organization of issues and the formulation of action plans become conservative and realistic.

For example in a business that has a busy month of the year a busy day of the month and a busy time of the day the current situation is that staffing is fixed and it is impossible to allocate staff according to the busy time. I tend to give up on problem solving. However if we borrow the knowledge of outsourcers we can benchmark the premise itself such as how we can allocate personnel according to the fluctuations or whether we should provide contact center operation with a phone number list uniform service level regardless of fluctuations. by the current constraints such as considering them based on them. In this way in house contact centers and outsourced contact centers run by outsourcers may have different ways of thinking and ideas about sorting out issues and approaching improvements. If there is a limit to relying only on the ideas of the person in charge when organizing issues at an in house contact center it is possible to borrow the knowledge of an outsourcer to organize issues and consider the direction of improvement.

Some outsourcers provide consulting services that include analysis of the current situation organization of issues and formulation of solution policies in addition to contact center operations. Using that service can also be one of the ways to improve in house contact centers. Consulting by outsourcer The outsourcer s consulting service starts with sorting out the issues of the center. We also grasp qualitative problems and issues through multifaceted approaches such as productivity and quality evaluation indicators of existing centers quantitative data analysis such as absentee rate and turnover rate interviews and questionnaires.


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