Perrotta OK after slight injury Perrotta OK after slight injury

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Medics have confirmed that Simone Perrottas slight injury received during last Saturdays Coppa Italia final against rivals Inter Lyle Alzado Jersey  would not let him out of Donadonis campaign. Perrotta had sustained a calf injury and was believed that could hamper his status in Donadonis squad when the latter submits his full 23 team members (currently Dave Casper Jersey  24 and thus one would need to stay home).He feels better. I am hopeful as his body is already reacting well to my treatment, said Brozzi.I stayed with him until late and he felt much better than he did Jim Otto Jersey  on Saturday. He had a painful feeling on his calf, on the inside close to the knee.We decided it Kenyan Drake Jersey  was better for him to go out because that could have been a complicated injury. It could have been caused by cramps, or something else.This thus leaves Aquilani and Montolivo with some work to do as it is  Malcolm Koonce Jersey very probable that one of them get axed.

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