Del Piero Leads By Example Del Piero Leads By Example

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The Bianconero key player and symbol is currently not training with the bianconeri contingent in Pinzolo as he  Elfrid Payton Jersey is still away on holiday after the Euros with Italy. Yet the golden boy wants to get back in shape for next season as he is in USA Eric Bledsoe Jersey  on holiday yet he is doing his training se sions on his own and he is keeping a good view on his diet. Juventus need to have a fit and in-form  Frank Jackson Jersey squad by next month when they face their Champions League preliminary round opponents.Del Piero finished last season as Capo Cannoniere in the Serie A and with the arrival of Amauri and  George Hill Jersey the fans appreciation of Amauri and Trezegeut, Ranieri will have problems in selecting the first eleven or the  Nickeil Alexander-Walker Jersey two or three players on attack yet Ranieri has declared that he enjoys the problem of having many players to choose from.

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