Pre-Libertadores Palmeiras 51 Real Potos

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Palmeiras made a great 1st leg game of Libertadores da America, and Christian Fischer Kids Jersey  now its almost guaranteed that the team will go on to the group stage of the competition. youtube: Its just the forth game of the season, and Palmeiras won Wayne Gretzky Women Jersey  them all, scoring 12 goals. The newcomers are having great performances: Keirrison scored  Jeremy Roenick Women Jersey 4 goals in 3 games; Cleiton Xavier scored every game, and made 4 a sists; Williams suffered 2 penaltis and the new defenders, Maurcio Ramos, Danilo and Edmilson suffered 1 goal only.As I said, its probably the Nick Schmaltz Men Jersey  best team of the decade, and thats because all of the newcomers are playing good. Luixemburgo choosed the way he probably will play for the rest of the Kevin Connauton Men Jersey  season, and there may be two new signes: a right wing back and a striker, Klber, from Dynamo Kiev.

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