Aymeric Laporte says treble-chasing Manc

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Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte is hopeful of their Blank Jersey  treble chances as he believes Pep Guardiolas side deserve many things.If City beat Real Madrid on Wednesday they will be in their second Champions League final in three seasons, and that will quickly be followed by the chance to lift a fifth Premier League title in six years on Sunday with a victory over Chelsea.A first all-Manchester FA Cup final awaits on June 3 and, after a key weekend in which Arsenals 3-0 defeat at home to Brighton gave City the opportunity to win the Premier League at home with two matches to spare, Laporte admits the focus is narrowing. Its ma sive for us and important for the season, he said of the 3-0 win over Everton on Sunday which set up next weekends potential celebration at the Etihad Stadium.We deserve  Jesse Winker Jersey many things. Hopefully we can get the treble, but we have to be focused in every single game, do what we have done in the last few weeks even more.A key figure in recent matches has been midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, who scored Cincinnati Reds Jersey  twice for the second succe sive game while also providing an a sist for Erling Haaland in the win at Everton.Guardiola has praised his captaincy skills, admitting the German does not say a lot but when he does his team-mates listen with the 32-year-old, who is out of contract in the summer, preferring to lead by example.It is why Gundogan is probably the most grounded of the treble-chasing squad as, when asked what is required from them for the rest of the season, he said: To keep the group calm and not get too over-excited.Its a game every  Trevor Bauer Jersey three or four days so theres not a lot of time to recover so we have to try to make the Homer Bailey Jersey  most out of it.We know in the final stages of the season we need every single player. It doesnt matter whos playing, its about the group and the support for each other.If we can keep the spirits in that way, it can be an amazing end to the season for us.

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