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Only persistent practice will make you a masterful master of your craft and a successful, sought-after professional. So the more you practice, the better! Step 1: Seek help from the coding community If you decide to teach yourself a programming language entirely, it will be extremely difficult for you no matter where you start. You will need hints and support. For example, if you encounter a piece of syntax that is difficult to understand, go to the programming forum for the language you are interested in, ask a question, and find similar topics. Communicate with like-minded people, and you will quickly find answers and get out of the deadlock.

Programmer's Community Singapore Mobile Number List Programmer's Community Step Five: Use Other People's Work Now that you have a clear idea of ​​​​​​​how to write code in a particular language, it's time to solidify your knowledge in greater depth. Analysis, using other people's code. This is a great way to keep learning. Find the code for an application, a single component, or a feature . View it in the editor and learn about each line: what it does and what it does. If this is easier for you, please write your own review. See what can be improved.

Must try! When you're done, save your changes and upload the code to so other developers can leave feedback and comment on your version. Step 1: Don't Stop Learning In general, even an abstract system like a programming language is first and foremost a language. Learning how to say them fluently takes a lot of practice. Interesting and Unusual Careers From Around the World Leave a Comment Save Article:Why Is It Important? Everyone dreams of getting a super interesting job and learning a popular and most importantly well paid career. However, the labor market does not provide a large number of such vacancies, and ordinary jobs have to be filled.


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