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Now they see it in this century with two presidents: Xiomara who is the wife and Mel." But in Olancho not everyone applauds figures like Zelaya and Lobo. Sergio Antonio Campos, who sought the mayor's office of Catacamas with an independent movement that he called "Espanta ratas", assures that the members of the Zelaya family "have been deified. Remember that before the coup d'état here there was a distribution ( sic ) of money with the project of the Fourth Ballot Box, and I think that those followers that they have is because of the money that was distributed to them.

Those who have everything generally create dynasties to preserve what they have accumulated. And in the Zelaya family, Mel's political success and the current irruption of his family into the political C Level Contact List go back to the push that his father once gave him, the first José Manuel Zelaya of Catacamas. José Manuel Zelaya Sr. and Ortensia Rosales had four sons, the eldest of whom was former President Mel, followed by Carlos (current secretary of the National Congress), Héctor (assassinated as a young man) and Marco, who married one of the daughters of former liberal president Carlos Roberto Reina (1994-1998). History outlines the father of the Zelaya Rosales as one of those responsible, along with a group of soldiers, for "Los Horcones", one of the most remembered massacres against peasants in Honduras.

The Vice Chancellor of the Republic, Gerardo Torres, says that the Horcones "is something that they have always taken on, that President Zelaya in particular has taken on." However, Torres separates Mel Zelaya from the actions of his father, stating that at the time "he denounced the secret base of the Nicaraguan Contras in Aguacate, in Olancho."6. Mel still owns the Los Horcones property in Juticalpa and several lots in the Castaño neighborhood of that same city, where he spent his adolescence. But Mel Zelaya's beginnings in politics go back to the 1980s, when a leader of the Liberal Party "fell out of favor" and left a vacant position. Then, Armando Rosales, secretary of the National Congress and a close relative of the Zelayas, made a proposal to Mel's father.


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