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There are stories we put our children to b with – funny or sad, charming or thrilling. There are stories that we like to come back to because they have positive associations. There are also those that have only a beginning, and their continuation is add by life itself. This is the invaluable power of narrative - stories are an inseparable part of our lives, and people simply like them. So why not use it for marketing purposes? Storytelling what is it? Storytelling, or narrative marketing - it's the simplest way of explaining storytelling, the art of sharing a message in the form of a story.

An this message is the key to the effectiveness of storytelling in modern marketing - marketing  Marketers have been successfully using the power of storytelling for years to build brands, create an Japan WhatsApp Number List ever-growing audience (and therefore potential customers) and improve conversion rates. What do stories have to do with sales? It turns out that a lot.  at Stanford University, people remember specific stories as much as times better than facts and figures alone, and thanks to this, they will be able to associate the brand more easily. syoutubewatch?v=vsGrFYD Nfs How does storytelling work? Stories are much more than just another form of entertainment.

From ancient cave drawings to fairy tales, novels, movies and podcasts, storytelling has always been the most powerful communication tool. Storytelling is not just about stories about products. It is about building a broader context that will allow the customer to believe that the present product is necessary for him, because it brings add value to his life. It will also help to identify with the company's vision and its values ​​or convince to specific behavior ( call to action ). People are biologically prepar for storytelling - when they hear an engaging story, oxytocin (associat with pleasure) is releas, which evokes a feeling of empathy.


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