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Point offers students a high-quality Swiss education in Switzerland and Spain. The Swiss campus is located in an area not far from luxury resorts. The second campus is located in the city of Marbella in southern Spain. Features Ranked among the top five in the World University Rankings in 2019 by subject: There are several programs available: Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate or Short Courses You can earn a Bachelor in Hospitality or a Master in High-End Tourism Marketing and Management International Hospitality Business Hospitality Strategic Management and Internet Technologies Barcelona School of Tourism Hotel and Gastronomy Spain.

The Barcelona School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy is a leading higher education institution in the field of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Singapore WhatsApp Number List and is an affiliated center of the University of Barcelona. Over the years it has become a hub for connecting people and connecting the educational world with the. Features Large, modern campus with the latest technology High student employment rates due to active partnerships with local businesses Faculty with extensive industry experience Four Kendall College Culinary Arts graduates have won James Beard Foundation Awards! Lausanne School of Hotel Management Switzerland É ô è is a wine school in Switzerland.

Hotel Management School The school is consistently ranked as the best hotel management school in the world. It teaches students whose goal is to obtain a management career in the hospitality business. It is the only hotel management school accredited in the United States and Switzerland. This measure of academic quality ensures that students can transfer credits and graduates can continue their studies at other universities around the world. Feature year #1 University in Hospitality Business and Leisure Organizations. The world's best hotel business and hotel management school "" magazine ranked first in the world. There are two campuses in Lausanne and Passouge, Switzerland.


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